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Field is a game-changer!
Portrait of Tamer El-Hawari
Tamer El-Hawari
CPO at Project A
Field gives us a shared understanding of the problem spaces we’re in and what to prioritise next better than any roadmap tool out there.
Portrait of Daniel Stein Otto
Daniel Stein Otto
Product Lead at Penni
Field is perfect to capture strategic insights from distributed teams.
Portrait of Mason Adair
Mason Adair
VP of Product at Tractable

From initial idea to product launch to an orchestrated portfolio of products and services — Field helps product leaders provide clarity, direction and coherence to increase speed, impact and growth.

Strategic Alignment Product by Product


Gather Input,
Organize Knowledge

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Check Coherence,
Grow Insights

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Provide Clarity,
Set Direction

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Let’s face it — product work ‘happens’ everywhere. Think of all the concepts, ideas, research, hypotheses, lines of thought, reports, or strategy statements that are distributed across documents, tools and minds. It’s hard to see the big picture and keep track of new input and context changes in a coherent way. Especially in a dynamic environment such as a fast-growing tech company. Sounds familiar?

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