Your Benefits

Field helps you connect the dots and create an always up-to-date big picture to inform your strategy, roadmap, and OKRs. No need to abandon the tools you’re already using! Just let Field guide you bring it all together to provide clarity, direction and coherence. And to establish a true product culture for good.

Clarity & Coherence

Provide a clear big picture to craft coherent product strategies.
  • Make product strategy inclusive and tangible for everyone
  • Get your company a zoom-out button to see the big picture anytime
  • See how customer-facing products and internal services are connected

Direction & Speed

Assess the situation to inform your roadmap and find the fastest way forward.
  • Establish product thinking beyond linear roadmaps to speed-up decision-making
  • Lead your product teams and stakeholders with context, not control
  • Bring new hires up to speed, faster

Impact & Growth

Raise awareness for the greater impact of your products and find your next S-Curve.
  • Keep an eye on the greater impact of your products
  • Assess product portfolio dynamics to find your next s-curve
  • Create a product-centric feedback loop to learn and grow faster

Product Culture

Establish org-wide product thinking and run a product-centric operating model.
  • Gather the entire organization around product development
  • Connect everyone’s work with product outcomes
  • Create a true product culture for good