Field is creating a new culture of product development.

Our experience has shown it takes new ways of thinking and acting in teams to establish a mutual understanding of goals and values, make the best use of everyone’s skills, and ensure everyone is always pulling in the same direction.

With Field, we’ve developed a tool that brings this new culture to life while helping to re-imagine the future of products.

The Team

We Live and Breathe Field

Michael Schieben

Co-founder, Managing Director, Product Lead

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As a co-founder of Field, Michael is an unapologetic optimist — a feat he has achieved through a high tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to successfully navigate between ambition and ad hoc. He never tires of motivating the people around him to try new things. Because “Gaining insight is work. Work in the form of doing.” — Otl Aicher

Michael has lived in Hamburg since 2003 and most recently worked as a coach, workshop facilitator, and consultant for design management. He grew up at the same time the internet did. His skill is programming, his philosophy, design. The essence of his work is guiding others to mutual understanding and sound decisions while maintaining a focus on the user’s perspective. Mutual learning has a major influence on his methods.

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Klaus-Peter Frahm

Co-founder, Managing Director, Customer Development

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Always view a product idea or product from every perspective imaginable. And never forget: the unifying element is the product itself. This recognition along with 25 years of development experience is what co-founder Klaus-Peter brings to the Field team. He previously served as CTO, account manager, product manager, intrapreneur, and innovation manager at large organizations, where he initiated and guided digital product development. Together with Michael Schieben and Wolfgang Wopperer-Beholz, he shares his experiences and insights in “The Product Field Reference Guide — a Cognitive Medium for Innovation and Collaborative Product Thinking”.

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Marius Wilms

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Marius has connections all over the world. He has been contributing to the open source community for over 12 years. The culture of his community is characterized by true partnerships and a spirit of collaboration among equals. As a co-founder of Field, he heads software development and sets the technology strategy.

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Christoph Labacher

Design Lead

There came a point when Christoph had had enough of using digital products that are not fit-for-purpose. He strives to tear down complexity and establish clarity through his own development work. As an interaction designer, he is driven to create digital products that motivate and empower people. That makes him a perfect fit at Field, because Field elevates innovative product development to a higher level.

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The Evolution of Product Field

Field Has Strong Roots

Field grew out of Product Field. Product Field is the world’s first framework for product-centric innovation and organizational development and was developed by the founders of Field.

The Product Field Reference Guide was was presented at the 2017 SXSW and made the 2019 bestseller list of the official SXSW bookstore.

Companies in every industry use Product Field to cultivate organization-wide product thinking and sustainably develop valuable products.