Strategic Alignment, Product by Product

Set up your Field headquarters and invite your team of product managers to join. Together, you’ll create a strategic map for every product and internal platform. By establishing a perpetual Collect-Explore-Present routine, shared understanding and strategic alignment is getting ever better. Vertically for every product. And horizontally across the entire product portfolio.

Collect Gather Input, Organize Knowledge

With Collect, it’s amazingly efficient to gather knowledge from team members or stakeholders with open-ended questions.

Impress your stakeholders with a simple workshop-like interface. Make it as easy as possible for them to contribute their thoughts and insights.

Make use of Field’s ready-to-use questions sets from well-known innovation frameworks to increase the quality of stakeholder input.

Elevator Pitch
7 Questions
Lean Canvas
14 Questions by Ash Maurya
Business Model Canvas
26 Questions by Business Model Foundry AG
Circular Canvas
10 Questions by Circulab
Product Field
12 Questions
Your Questions
Aks the right people the right questions

Review and organize incoming knowledge in a well-structured workflow.

Field provides a rapid and intuitive process that works independently of time and place. It’s simple, motivating, and focused.

Explore Check Coherence, Grow Insights

With Explore, you get a structured overview that covers all mission-critical aspects of product and portfolio development.

See how Field maps incoming knowledge on a canvas that covers all of the four key risks of successful product development — Viability, Feasibility, Desirability, and Marketability are in plain sight at all times.

For live collaboration, import gathered knowledge to a Miro board. And sync it back to document and share results. Check out our Field app on the Miro marketplace.

Analyze the strategic state of your product. Create compelling visualizations to communicate the bigger picture.

All products can be compared in a simple matrix view. Use the lenses feature to highlight specific aspects across the entire product portfolio.

Present Provide Clarity, Set Direction

With Present, every product manager becomes a slide deck champion. It has never been easier to communicate strategy to different audiences.

Present collates slides in the development process and helps product managers create specific narratives for different audiences such as executives, peers or team members. That not only saves a lot of time, it levels up your product strategy process entirely.

Field documents the collective thought process and lets you create slides with powerful narratives in no time.

From initial idea to product launch to an orchestrated portfolio of products and services — Field helps product leaders provide clarity, direction and coherence to increase speed, impact and growth.