Field is the operating system for profitable product teamwork.

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Our software gives structure to product development in your company. By supporting product-related communication between everyone involved, it makes joint thought and action comprehensible and strategic, independent of role, department, time and location.

Field helps create successful products.

How we can help

FIELD shapes a shared understanding of the product throughout the organization and enables different interests to interact smoothly. It simplifies product development and accelerates the transition to a profitable product organization.

FIELD involves everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in target setting, manufacturing, marketing and use of a product. Information about each project is systematically collected, automatically organized and comprehensibly communicated. FIELD ensures that documentation of your product portfolio is always up-to-date, as new information is immediately incorporated and related to existing knowledge. In this process, patterns of long-term success emerge that help you make informed decisions. Thus you build sustainable competitive advantage and do justice to the dynamics and complexity of context-appropriate product development.

Why it works

FIELD is based on the Product Field, a framework for product innovation that has been used in companies of all sizes and levels of maturity for context-appropriate product development since 2015. The paper-based use of the Product Field has impressively validated the framework's logic. FIELD makes this logic usable in a sustainable way.

Our software reduces communication efforts because it facilitates a complete and comprehensive product description that takes into account all aspects critical to its success and is always up to date. It integrates the essence of product-related internal communication, which is otherwise lost on other platforms such as Slack or Jira, and establishes new routines that ensure that everyone can contribute crucial information according to their competence in a short amount of time.

Information is automatically evaluated and examined for relationships with other projects in the organization. In this way, FIELD makes it easier for product management and product teams to structure a large number of contributions and to organize them into a coherent overall picture. Key metrics are integrated directly into this picture via our API. Data-informed working becomes commonplace.

Graphic visualization makes the information in FIELD accessible. The impact of consequential decisions and unexpected events on the product and portfolio are immediately apparent and easy to understand. FIELD generates automated status updates and consistent presentations so that all stakeholders and decision-makers are informed to the right extent.

In “time travel mode”, FIELD makes the development trajectory of individual projects visible and compares the chances of success with actual success. With increasing use and data, FIELD gets to know the structural strengths and weaknesses in your company better and thus becomes a pioneer for successful product development.

FIELD is the foundation for a learning, profitable product organization.

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