The Field Guide for Visual Product Thinkers

The product innovation space is filled with useful methods, popular strategy frameworks and canvases asking meaningful questions, and well-known shapes of innovation that have emerged over time. But the immense variety of tools and approaches often proves challenging.

Using the Product Field as a frame of reference, The Field Guide for Visual Product Thinkers shows you in a simple and clear way how all these methods, questions and shapes of innovations connect to one another.

More importantly, it connects them to the very challenges you and your teams face when developing products.

We have written, designed and crafted the book with all these wonderful people in mind — the ones we had the pleasure and privilege to meet thanks to the Product Field.

That is why the Product Field Practitioner’s Day last week was the perfect opportunity to launch the book.

After all, it’s a limited and manually numbered ✍️ edition.

And this time, we decided to not put it on Amazon like we did when The Product Field Reference Guide came out.

Instead, we are handing it out to our customers and long-time friends of the Product Field. 

If you are one of them, be prepared to get a copy sent to your mailbox :)

And in case you haven't received your copy yet, or you are a Product Field practitioner and we have yet to met, or you just want to make sure we are sending your copy to the correct address, please drop us a line.


Wolfgang, Michael, Christoph & KP

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