A Personal Note from the Authors of the Product Field

The visual form of the Product Field still surprises us – it reveals insights we couldn’t think of when we first created it. Let’s take the chance to look back to our long journey with the Product Field.

When we first premiered the Product Field at #producttankhh back in 2015, we could not imagine what's to follow in the years after.

Mattes Schrader mentioned us in his book’s foreword and published “Product Field · Die Referenz” in German. The first edition is sold out. 

KP and Wolfgang spoke at SXSW three times in a row. Their talk “How Product Thinking Shapes Our Future” was the first Encore Session contributed by speakers from Germany. And in 2019, The Product Field Reference Guide was on SXSW’s bestseller list.

The same year Michael held the keynote at PushUX. More than 100 people joined afterward for an interactive workshop.

We have seen Product Fields in Korean Language and received blessings for our work from Nigeria. Nowadays, people know the Product Field before they know us in person.

That amazes us!

Michael, Wolfgang and KP in 2015 after the public premiere of the Product Field

And we’d love to say thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey.

The visual form of the Product Field still surprises us – it reveals insights we couldn’t think of when we first created it. We are always excited to learn more. That is what keeps us working with the Product Field ourselves. And that is why we are moving on.

Wolfgang is further evolving the approach to sensemaking the Product Field is based on – expect new content and formats this year. Meanwhile, you can join the Product Field courses he's offering.

KP and Michael, supported by Wolfgang, are building Field. Field is the evolution of the Product Field as a Software. Join us, learn more!

Take care,
Wolfgang, Klaus, and Michael

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